is wordpress secure enough

Is WordPress Secure Enough & How to Maintain Site Security

We all want to do everything in our power to keep our personal spaces safe and secure. That goes for natural areas, such as our homes, cars, and work spaces. We also want to keep our cyberspaces safe. This is particularly the case with the sites that we control, such as our WordPress websites. With […]

protected website

What Precautions Should I Take to Protect My WordPress Website?

Your WordPress website represents a lot to your brand. From the content, you worked hard to create to the customer information you protect, and many other components, your WordPress site, and admin dashboard are home a lot of sensitive information.Hacks and brute force attacks are the most frequent attacks on WordPress sites, though there are […]

wordpress plugins

How Much Are Too Many? The Downside of Excessive WordPress Plugins

Plugins are undeniably great. They add new features and functionality to your web page so you can present data and promote customer interaction in unique and customized ways. Without plugins, WordPress becomes a fairly simple platform without much to offer in the way of detailed customization. Some of you ask: is it possible for there […]

best security for wordpress

The Best Security for WordPress Sites

You hear news almost every month regarding cybersecurity issues, whether it’s a retail chain or internet giant that someone hacked, or even a foreign country meddling in U.S. affairs. As you launch your WordPress site with high hopes of captivating, connecting and converting leads, apprehension tugs at you in the back of your mind. How […]


5 Important WordPress Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Site Running Smoothly

Almost everything you own needs maintenance and your WordPress site isn’t any different – WordPress maintenance is a MUST. Not properly maintaining your site causes your site to slow down and in the worst case it becomes clunky or gets hacked. Fortunately, our team can make maintaining your WordPress our worries. You can use our […]

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