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4 Best Practices for Marketing New Websites

Just building a great website isn’t enough. After you’re done with the construction phase, you’ll still have to tell people where to find it on the web. No one will know the URL for the home page if you don’t. In order to get visitors, you must run a strategic marketing campaign that involves several […]


Negotiating Skills That Will Take Your Marketing Game to the Next Level

When it comes to marketing, digital marketing, in particular, many articles talk about how you need social media presence, PPC ads, SEO, etc. With all these fancy tools at our disposal, we often forget that most forms of modern marketing are really just a fuller application of the skill of negotiation. Here are some negotiation […]


5 Intangible Assets That Your Business Can’t Live Without

Featured image via TraskBritt Patent Law Every successful business has tangible assets and intangible assets that they need to keep control of. These assets are ultimately responsible for the overall long-term success of a business. Without any assets, you don’t have a business. Because intangible assets cannot be physically obtained, it is smart to pay […]

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Digital Tools to Help Maximize Employee Productivity

According to an article released in mid-July of 2017 by the New York Post, it’s estimated that, while at work, the average white collar worker wastes roughly five hours each week on activities that have nothing to do with his/her job. This includes using social media, playing games, checking sports stats, researching miscellaneous information, and […]

SEO Common Myths and Tips

Avoid These Common Four SEO Myths

Is SEO(Search Engine Optmization) based on a magical, impossible to understand algothirms? Do you think the only way to succeed in SEO is by using black-hat methods like using unrelated keywords, hidden links, cloaking, duplicate content or scraping? “Myths have surfaced all over search results about SEO on how to quickly achieve a high ranking […]

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