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4 Best Practices for Marketing New Websites

Just building a great website isn’t enough. After you’re done with the construction phase, you’ll still have to tell people where to find it on the web. No one will know the URL for the home page if you don’t. In order to get visitors, you must run a strategic marketing campaign that involves several […]

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What Happens When You Treat Your Employees Like Customers?

The relationship between a business and its customers is a very important one because it can determine the success of a business and affect its bottom line. However, there is another relationship that often gets overlooked in the pecking order. That would be the relationship between an employer and its employees. If that relationship is […]


8 Ways Functional Medicine Practitioners Can Grow From SEO

Functional medicine is the future of conventional medicine available today. It is used heavily by Functional Medicine practitioners in modern medicine to identify and correct the root causes of diseases. Practitioners view the body as one integrated whole system instead of independent organs and treat the entire body instead of just symptoms. The field of […]


Negotiating Skills That Will Take Your Marketing Game to the Next Level

When it comes to marketing, digital marketing, in particular, many articles talk about how you need social media presence, PPC ads, SEO, etc. With all these fancy tools at our disposal, we often forget that most forms of modern marketing are really just a fuller application of the skill of negotiation. Here are some negotiation […]


Regular WordPress Maintenance to Keep Your Website Fresh

WordPress was created to make it easy to manage a website, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely free of WordPress maintenance. If you completely set it and forget it, your website could run into multiple issues and maintenance problems such as: Slow loading times Negative search engine results and rankings Malware and other […]

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