SEO Common Myths and Tips

Avoid These Common Four SEO Myths

Is SEO(Search Engine Optmization) based on a magical, impossible to understand algothirms? Do you think the only way to succeed in SEO is by using black-hat methods like using unrelated keywords, hidden links, cloaking, duplicate content or scraping? “Myths have surfaced all over search results about SEO on how to quickly achieve a high ranking […]

website content marketing

Website & Content Marketing Ideas for Healthcare Businesses

Website and content marketing is a tricky thing for most healthcare businesses. While your company is staying current with all the latest medical developments, your marketing efforts may fall to the wayside. However, savvy content and website marketing can play a big role in attracting more business for your company. While a well-designed website can […]

web design trends 2018

Discover the Power of Nine Web Design Trends for 2018

As we enter a new year, people across the globe start making resolutions to take on healthier habits and lead better lives. And as most individuals start looking for ways to reinvent themselves come the new year, why not do the same for your business website? If it’s been a while since you’ve last updated […]

rank search engines

Gaining Rank on the Search Engines: How Long Does it Take?

Starting a website is an exciting time for a business. You get to build on your own little corner of the Internet and open your virtual doors to the thousands of potential customers surfing the web. With websites come possibilities for lead generation, increased sales and business growth. However, most business owners who’ve recently launched […]


7 Reasons You Should Fall in Love With Customer Reviews

More customers are starting to leave reviews about the experiences that they have with various businesses. For that reason, you should start paying close attention to their reviews. In fact, you should fall in love with them altogether. Here are seven reasons why: 1. Reviews Build Trust Customers feel that they can trust your business […]

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